2012/08/05 Race Report
ARC R10 maiden run wins at ORCA Super Stock 17.5T ROCS Round 5

Top 3 Final Standings A-Main
(ORCA Super Stock 17.5T)
1. Leonard Sim - ARC R10
2. Dominic Quek - XRAY T3'12
3. Kevin Wong - TOP Photon

New ARC R10 wins on its maiden run at ROCS Round 5 in the ORCA Super Stock 17.5T class. Piloted by Leonard Sim, the ARC R10 TQ all the qualifying rounds and winning the 3 legs of A-Main. Stated by Leonard Sim, the ARC R10 was very competitive right out from the box, which he was able to complete building the car only about 30 minutes before the race started and he ran the stock setup from the instruction manual along with the BLITZ XFR bodyshell. He added that the R10 was very easy to drive, and will be even better when he has more time to tweak the setups.