2012/10/04 Race Report
R10 TQ & Win in Tax cup in Nagasaki Japan
Race was held at BENTEN circuit Kyushu Nagasaki Japan of September 25th, come to over 50 driver's are entries in 2 kinds classes.
The Tax cup is big event sponsored by owner of Automobile selling company in Japanese on weekdays.
The race come with many R10 users who distinguished itself in a Japanese market.
Expert drivers gather from the Kyushu area and lot of JMRCA drivers come in EPT class.
TQ the championship's on Kanzaki driver's and wins the Team ARC&TITAN driver Toshiyuki Iwamoto. there are also 7 R10 in the A-finals.
A-Main Result
1st Iwamoto 38L 8:11.076 R10
2nd Igawa 37L 8:06.563  
3rd Takagi 37L 8:10.419 R10
4th Kanzaki 37L 8:20.835 R10
5th Katuki 36L 8:00.907 R10
6th Mori 36L 8:08.810 R10
7th Matuzaki 35L 8:02.974  
8th Asami 35L 8:03.993 R10
9th Turu 35L 8:02.397  
10th Hirosawa 28L 8:25.812 R10