ARC R8.0 double wins at 2015 KO Propo GP
Team ARC USA puts great efforts at 2015 KO Propo GP. Team driver Chris Verano, Brandon Cho and Jon Prather made the final A-Main. Brandon Cho completed A-Main final with 121 laps to crown his first major race title.
1. Brandon Cho - ARC R8.0
2. Ralph Burch
3. DJ Apolaro
4. Mike Truhe
5. Paolo Morganti
6. Walter Diaz
7. Michael Swauger
8. Chris Verano - ARC R8.0
9. Christian Lopez
10.Jon Prather - ARC R8.0
11.Mike Strack
12.KJ Jones
In Sportsman class, team driver Ryan finished 106 lap in the 30 minutes final to win the title. In Master class, team driver Donald Miyamoto took 3rd place in the final.

Overall, ARC R8.0 took podinum finishes in all 1/8 Nitro classes. Good job, team ARC USA!!