ARC R8.0E Wins Spanish Cup
1/8 On-Road Electrice Class
"Last weekend was disputed First Spanish Cup race of new 1.8 On Road Electric power cars in Almussafes track (Valencia) together national championship of 1.8 On Road Nitro.
With 9 drivers in this new class, first three practices they served to test cars and electronics in his firsts runs, check power and temperatures. Some drivers run at 4S (14.8v) and others at 6S (22.2v).

After five qualify Carles Echarri ARC Spanish Driver win first qualify than five and make a TQ, closelly followed from Marc Moix, Ramón Guasch, Miguel Puchal and Carlos Gimenez. After qualify all drivers they decided to make Sunday finals 4 minutes and add one more Final (four in total), because not all cars can finish the 5 minutes of qualify.

Electric Vs Nitro only separated from 0.1 secons in lap record time, it was very exciting see 107 km/h of Electrics in the straight of Almussafes Track. This category can be push a lot for next year and grow quickly.

Sunday Finals, Carles Echarri won all finals with Marc Moix 2nd and Ramón Guasch 3rd, three drivers of SAC Modelismo ditributor of ARC in Spain complete podium.".
1. Carles Echarri ARC R8.0E
2. Marc Moix ARC R8.0E
3. Ramón Guasch ARC R8.0E
4. Miguel Puchal
5. Francisco Cervera
6. Esteban Aranda
7. Carlos Gimenez
8. Toni Bernat
9. David Herrera