Tobias Kerler Joins ARC
First of all I want to say Thanks to ARC for the possibility to drive the new ARC R8.0.
After a long time in Serpent, which I want to thank also, I wanted to meet new challenges. I heard about the outstanding car ARC R8.0 and the decision was easy. During construction of the R8.0 I saw that the power train is very smooth and due to the very good quality the building structure was quite simple. In the first test I reached already the times like with my Serpent.
In my first race, the 2. LCT run in Rötz, I could undercut my time to 1/10.
Now I'm looking forward to work together with the whole ARC team and present the car at the next races (ENS, Euro A Ettlingen and DM 1/8 Türkheim).