2012/08/28 Race Report
The Frist A-Main Race of R10 in JMRCA National EPT Championship Modified Open Class.

JMRCA National EPT champion ship open class& super expert class was held at PRATOPIA WANGAN circuit of Okayama Japan for from 24 to 26 on August 2012.

There are more then 100 drivers come from all area in Japan to race in Super Expert and Open Class modified 1/10 Touring car , the world class driver Ronald Volker also attend the race in Super Expert Class.

During the race the hot weather bring the track with low grip so people at race need to find the correct setup to bring their car quicker.
The good news of race result is ARC R10 Driver :
Masami Kiyomoto take the A-Main 9th in open class in his first JMRCA race.

Because ARC R10 which just released in Japan 2 weeks before race so there are limited time to test and setup the car.

However, result that showed potential of ARC R10 by a superior setting skill of Masami Kyomoto driver sufficiently.

TeamActive driver will continue working at Electrical Touring car race activity, more good result of R10 will come soon.