U.S.A. Distributor
Hobby Authority Distribution
Web site: www.hobbyauthority-dist.com
Sales contact: sales@hobbyauthority-dist.com
Telephone: +1 866 206 8558
Address: BELLEVUE, WA 98008 USA
ARC Swedish Dealer
ARC Austria Distributor
MW RC-Cars
Mag.Wolfgang Sonnleitner Leonfeldnerstrasse 214 , 4040 Linz Austria
Tel: +43 (0) 732 672222
Tobias Kerler Joins ARC 2015/07/07
First of all I want to say Thanks to ARC for the possibility to drive the new ARC R8.0.
After a long time in Serpent, which I want to thank also, I wanted to meet new challenges. I heard about the outstanding car ARC R8.0 and the decision was easy.During construction of the R8.0 I saw that the power train is very smooth and .....
ARC R8.0 (Nitor line) Dealer F.V.S.S Shop
F.V.S.S Shop Detail.
Web site: www.fvssshop.it/
Tel: +39 3494422122   Fax: +39 (0)423 648146
Address: Via S. Michele, 15  31040 Pederobba (TV) Italy
Silvio Hachler Joins ARC 2015/06/11
First of all I want to thank ARC and ART(Asia Racing Team) for this great opportunity to drive ARC R8.0. After a very long time driving a Mugen car, it is time for a change. I was already very impressed during building but even more after tests on different tracks.....
Choi, Nak-Sung Joins ARC 2015/05/14
It’s my applause to join ARC team
ARC R8.0 performance was already proven in Korea National Championship held on 10th.May.2015 with my team ACE Korea.....
Shasa Lackner Joins Team ARC 2015/05/08
After 2 Years away from RC racing, you need a perfect team and the best possible material for a successful comeback.
I have found this team with ARC 8.0, and I am really happy to have this perfect car.....
Lars Hoppe TQ and Wins in ETS Round 4 2015/05/05
Lars Hoppe has TQ and Wins of fourth round Pro Stock Class of ETS in Austria fahr(T)raum , In the A main final there are 3 ARC Cars , Markus Kreder in 8th and Henrik Heitsch 9th , Team ARC Germany show a great team work and car in the highest level ETS Pro-Stock race again.....
Steven Weiss Joins ARC 2015/03/30
Steven Weiss:
I´m very happy to join the ARC Team with their R10 touring car. I would like to thanks Jones Chu and Henrik Heitsch for giving me this opportunity. ARC is a young company who start with their first touring car in 2012 and....
Kody Knudtson extends with Team ARC / Blitz / TiTAN 2015/03/20
I’m really excited to be able to continue with the ARC/TiTAN and Blitz Team in 2015. Would like to thank Jones Chu and Willie Chung for this great continued relationship. I am looking forward to coming races and having the opportunity to showcase their line of quality cars, tools and bodies....
Lars Hoppe Leader of ETS Pro Stock 2015/03/17
After 2 Round ETS race , Lars Hoppe remain at 1st position and Henrik Heitsch 10th in ETS Pro Stock class.....
U.S.A. Distributor 2015/03/16
Hobby Authority Distribution
Web site: www.hobbyauthority-dist.com
Sales contact: sales@hobbyauthority-dist.com
Telephone: +1 866 206 8558
Address: 2731 152nd Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052 USA
PY Tang Wins 2015 TITC Open Boost Class 2015/03/03
The annual TITC or Thailand International Touring Car Championships was held at the famous RC Addict Circuit in Bangkok, Thailand, the same venue that held the 2012 IFMAR 1/10 Nitro. Entry of more than 300 drivers internationally participated in the event, considering the biggest RC racing in Asia, to compete in Modify, Open Brushless, Non Boost, Formula and Junior Class.....
John Ermen Joins ARC 2015/03/03
First of all I would like to thank Team Xray and the whole Hudy family for the support the last years! We had a great collaboration together and we did allot of improvements and R&D which improved the overall product range.....
Lars Hoppe Joins ARC 2015/03/03
I would like to thank ARC and especially Jones Chu for the continued support. After a great season with the electric R10 and my first ETS win, I am looking forward to a new project with ARC’s new R8 nitro car.....
ARC R8.0 2015/01/23
Advanced R/C Car are proud to introduce the all new ARC R8.0 1/8th On-Road Racing Kit. The design has been in development under test and racing conditions for over 18 months, and now it is ready for all serious 1/8th racers.....
R10 2015 ATS version 2014/10/22
To celebrate the release of the ATS rear suspension, Team ARC will be producing a new kit, named R10 2015 ATS Version. Which will feature the ATS suspension and a number of key previously option parts. As well as all the new features of the regular R10 2015 kit, that has proven to be very popular with drivers all around the world.....
R10 2015 Black Edition Additional Instruction Manual 2014/08/20
R10 2015 Black Edition
Additional Instruction Manual .....

Korea Distributor 2014/08/11
B-1 302-8 YangJae-dong SeoCho-Gu SEOUL KOREA
Tel:82-2-576-2341      Fax:82-2-579-2341
ARC R10 2015 BLACK EDITION 2014/08/06
To celebrate the release of the ARC R10 2015, Team ARC are producing a limited release Black Edition R10 2015.....

ARC R10 2015 OFFICIAL ANNOUNCE 2014/07/25
Following on from the success of the R10 2013 around the world, ARC are proud to introduce the new R10 2015. Using feedback collected from drivers at all levels around the world, we have further refined the chassis with the main objectives to give more steering,.....
We are glad to have a new distributor in Italy 2014/07/17
Electronic Dreams sas Via Toscoromagnola, 55
56012 Fornacette (PI)
Tel 0587 422369       www.electronicdreams.it
Fax 0587 422377      info@electronicdreams.it
New Aluminum Chassis 2.0mm 2014/05/23
The new Aluminum Chassis is special designed for high traction carpet track like famous CRC carpet..etc, With Aluminum chassis R10 2013 will become very consistent and fast, Made by 2.0mm black anodized aluminum with silver edge cut, very useful option parts for serious indoor racers ....

Henrik Heitsch Extends with Team ARC 2014/05/15
Henrik Heitsch Extends with Team ARC ....

New low friction ball joints 2014/05/07
We spend lot time to try differe composit to make our ball joints into perfect,now it is ready for market , The low friction (LF) Ball joints.
It make from low friction nylon composit and it make all joints opreate very smooth especially during cornering
#R10114A Ball Joint 4.9mm Open 6pcs (LF) ....
#R10114C Anti Roll Bar Joint 4pcs (LF) ............
#R10114D Steering Rod Ball Joint Set (LF) ......
Chris Kerswell from England Joins Team ARC 2014/04/09
Chris Kerswell from England Joins Team ARC ....

Luke Duthie from New Zealand Joins Team ARC 2014/03/04
Luke Duthie from New Zealand Joins Team ARC ....

Thant.S Extends ARC Contract 2014/02/27
Thant.S Extends ARC Contract....

NEW ARC Long Sleeve T-Shirt 2014/01/27
#R109031 ARC Long Sleeve Blue Shirt Size L
#R109032 ARC Long Sleeve Blue Shirt Size XL
#R109033 ARC Long Sleeve Blue Shirt Size 2L

New Flex Upper Deck 2013/12/24
New option Flex Upper deck , it special design for Flex Motor Mount and come with 2 different thickness.
#R108032  1.6mm Flex Upper deck.....
#R108031  2.0mm Flex Upper deck.....

New option ARM 2013/12/10
#R101101  Low Arm F/R Set (Hard)........
#R101102  Low Arm F/R Set (Soft).........
#R109029  Low Arm Set 1 Car (Hard).....
#R109030  Low Arm Set 1 Car (Soft)......

P.Y.Tang Joins ARC 2013/10/18
It is a great pleasure joining the ARC and TiTan factory team to run the R10 car, Blitz bodyshells and TiTan product.....

David Spashett Joins ARC 2013/10/07
David Spashett with the Support of Team Titan and Zen-Racing will be using the ARC, Titan and Blitz range of products for the 2013-2014 season.....

R108025 Main Chassis 2.0 mm V2013 2013/09/25
New Ultra flex Chassis for R10 2013 , it have same shape like R10 2013 2.25mm chassis , Only different is the thickness change into 2.0mm . it provide even more flex and over all traction.....

R10 TQ & Win in JMRCA 1/10 EPT National
Championship in Okayama Japan
JMRCA National 1/10 EPT champion ship open class& super expert class was held at PRATOPIA WANGAN circuit of Okayama Japan for from 2 to 4 on August 2013. Well in 100 over entries driver's come from all in Japan to race in super expert and open class modified 1/10 Touring car with control tires.....
New U.K Distributor 2013/06/14
ARC pleased to announce that Zen-Racing have been appointed exclusive distributor for our products in the UK .
All of the products should be on www.zen-racing.co.uk shortly In the meantime if you need any information please contact us via sales@zen-racing.co.uk
ARC R10 2013 OFFICIAL ANNOUNCE 2013/06/07
ARC is proud to introduce the next evolution of our R10, the R10 2013. With the overall goal to improve upon chassis flex, lowering the center of gravity and reducing weight. Without sacrificing the strength and durability the R10 is known for.....
Spain Exclusive distributor 2013/04/29
Our New Distributor in Sapin RC SAC
SAC Modelismo S.L
Rambla Guipuscoa 2 Loc C
08018 - Barcelona
Tel: 93.308.92.64 - 605.016.697
Josh Cyrul Wins 2013 ROAR Carpet Nationals Modify & 13.5 with R10 2013/03/22
Fernando and I arrived Wednesday to check in at the track, find out pit spaces and get some rest before practice on Thursday.The Horsham club/crew did an awesome job with the track so it looked like everything was set to be a great event. Pitting area was really, super tight but really that was the only problem for the weekend .....
R10W Upgrade kit 2013/02/06
R100002 R10W upgrade kit can use to upgrade your R10 to R10W this upgrade kit included all nccessary parts for upgrade , after upgrade you can run your R10W with 1/10th 200mm bodyshell with Foam tires, it will give you very well and easy handling.
Item number R100002 .....
Follow US on FaceBook 2013/01/30
Find all latest information and race result ,setup around the world please join ARC Driver Group on Facebook.
Happy New Year and Holiday Notification 2013/01/28
We will Close from 9 Feb till 18 Feb for Chinese New Year Holiday.
Here we wish all Happy New Year, And Appreciate all your support in Chinese Dragon year, we looking forward more cooperate in coming Snake Year.
R10 New Option Parts Aluminum Bell Crank 2013/01/25
New ARC Option parts Aluminium Bell Crank (Dual Steering Arm)
These new aluminium bell cranks are longer than the standard kit plastic part.
R102821 is 2 mm longer than standard at 20mm long
R102822 is 1 mm longer than standard at 19mm long ....

ARC Support in TITC 2013 2013/01/24
Team ARC will support all R10 Drivers at 2013 TITC with a special gift pack , the Gift pack included a new T-Shirt and all set new hard formula plastic parts, the new parts work very well especially in high traction and hot temperature track , please contact with Team ARC and R/C addict during TITC.....

New ARC Low friction belt pulley and Diff Case 2013/01/16
After long term test and research the low friction will increase speed and run time, especially in the STOCK class race, the new low friction pulley come with front spool pulley and center pulley 19T and Rear Diff Case.
The Option parts number below
R10112A   Low Friction Spool Pulley
R10112B   Low Friction 19T
R10112C   Low Friction Diff Case
R101120    Low Friction Pulley Set ....

New Floating Servo Mount V2 (R109013) for ARC R10 2013/01/10
Floating Servo Mount V2 (R109013) for ARC R10
New Design not only fix the problem of moving on the servo mount,but also integrated the antenna holder and battery block,It use 3 screw in bottom and fit with original Chassis,drivers can use this floating servo mount directly to their own car.
The new servo mount item number remain with R109013,and R109014 combo kit with Flex Chassis , R109015 combo with Standard Chassis , Drivers who use the early version chassis (first batch R10) , we recommend to upgrade with the combo kit ....

Fernando Gordinho Joins Team ARC 2013/01/02
TEAM ARC USA has announced that they have signed Fernando Gordinho to join there USA Team.With National title and multiple A-main finishes in TC and 1/12 ....

R10 TQ and Win at TRCCA Championship Round 1 2012/11/01
The Round 1 of TRCCA On-Road Championship was held at the TiTAN Track in Taichung City TAIWAN, Round 1 should be finished at begging of this year ....

ARC Portugal Exclusive Distributor BBS Modelismo 2012/10/19
We like to introduce BBS Modelismo to be our Portugal exclusive distirbutor.
BBS Modelismo

Rua General Norton de Matos lote 121 R/C,bairro novo de santo eloi 1675-024 Pontinha,Portugal
Tel: 00351938328920
VAT: 207390657

R10 Take TQ and 2nd at KMRCA Korean National Race 2012/10/17
Last Weekend 14 Oct. The Korean National E/P 1/10 Touring Championship KMRCA race organized at PTS Circuit Hwasung Korea ....

R10 TQ & Win in Tax cup in Nagasaki Japan 2012/10/04
Race was held at BENTEN circuit Kyushu Nagasaki Japan of September 25th, come to over 50 driver's are entries in 2 kinds classes ....

Multiple ROAR Champion Josh Cyrul Joins TEAM ARC 2012/09/21
Josh Cyrul a well known world class driver with multiple ROAR On-Road
Champion joins our team now , He will race R10 at most major E/P indoor / outdoor race around world ....
R10 TQ at NASA GLOW FUEL CUP 2012/09/18
It was held at AIDA circuit Okayama city of September 16th, come to 70 driver's are entries in 4 kinds classes ....

R10 TQ/Wins TRCCA On-Road Round III 2012/09/18
Last weekend 16 SEP, TRCCA On-Road Race move to Taichung Long-Jin Race track. Due to this is a small track so there are only 1/10 E/P Touring car with Modified and 13.5T Stock 2 Class....

NEW PRODUCTS 2012/09/13
NEW ARC CNC SPUR 64dp series
R104110   96T               R104111   98T              R104112   100T               R104113   102T

We also release the NEW C Cap 3.5mm , It fixed with new sharp and use new composite formula , test show it provide 6 times durability compare with old one.
Item number remain same R101030....

R10 TQ / 1st at LRP-HPI Challenge 17.5T at Burgdorf 2012/09/12
ARC Driver Henrik Heitsch got a very successful weekend at the night race in burgdorf. he take 1st place in 17, 5 t with the fastest lap, TQ, fastest lead time and fastest final (all in track-record-time for this clas).....

New Release R10-W by ARC 2012/09/04
ARC has released an all new specification 200mm version, The R10-W
This is the first dual belt drive 1/10 200mm 1/10 Electric Touring car on the market. Tests have shown that the lap times and handling of the R10-W compares favorably against 1/10 200mm Nitro Powered Touring car .....
The Frist A-Main Race of R10 in JMRCA National EPT Championship Modified Open Class 2012/08/28
JMRCA National EPT champion ship open class& super expert class was held at PRATOPIA WANGAN circuit of Okayama Japan for from 24 to 26 on August 2012.....

Suspension Bracke Chart 2012/08/27
There are many kind suspension bracket can be use on ARC R10 to setup the car. we make a simple chart to explain the combination.....

ARC R10 maiden run wins at ORCA Super Stock 17.5T ROCS Round 5 2012/08/05
New ARC R10 wins on its maiden run at ROCS Round 5 in the ORCA Super Stock 17.5T class. Piloted by Leonard Sim....

ARC R10 Wins and Top3 in TRCCA On-Road Race Round 2 2012/07/24
The TRCCA On-Road Race Round2 was organized by TRCCA at Taipei City Park R/C Track with track Grand Open ceremony....

R10 TQ and Wins at Korea KMRCA 17.5T Class 2012/06/25
Last Weekend 6/24-25 KMRCA stock 17.5T race at Typhoon Circuit ARC team Driver JunHo-Lee take TQ and Win , the final result....

New Flex type Chassis for ARC R10 2012/06/19
New Flex type Chassis for ARC R10 New Option Chassis from ARC for R10 parts number R108007 , The option flex type chassis made from 2.5mm carbon fiber and we add 2 layer of glass fiber in the middle to give more flex of the chassis ,test show with 2 layer of glass fiber the chassis give more flex and make handling more predictable, new chassis also provide extra hole for battery holder , Shorty Lipo can be use at this option chassis.
also with new 1.6mm thin type upper deck , it made from 1.6mm full carbon plate , it is useful to give more flex of car and give more steering and stability especially at low grip track condition....

Race Report of Much More Cup 2012/06/10
Korea Much More Cup organized by Much More Korea at Typhoon indoor Circuit in last weekend , ARC Korea team race at 17.5 and 13.5 stock class and take....

Race Report of Germany LRP Challenge
17.5T Burgdorf
The LRP Challange was held at Burgdorf, Germany on 27th of May. ARC team driver Sven Hummers took the newly released R10 for its first international debut. Sven qualified 2nd overall in 17.5t, by just 0.4 second behind pole man Schroder Timo....
ARC R10 First Win at TAIWAN 2012/05/27
The First win of R10 in Taiwan. Annual Thunder Tiger / ASSOCIATED Electric race was organized on 27 MAY at TiTAN R/C track , In the 1/10 Modified Qualify race, Leo Chen take TQ....

Introduction of ARC R10 2012/05/22
The ARC R10 is an excellent platform for drivers who want to race from Stock class to Modified class , here we introduce more detail with images , Tested world wide was done , many positive feedback of the excellent performance and high quality parts of R10 , now we are ready to deliver all new R10 to consumer all over the world ....
360 degree view of ARC R10 2012/05/06
The assembled R10 190mm Electric Touring Car with 360 degree view ,Its made from 40 single pictures and you can rotate by yourself with the mouse and click into the picture to rotate ....

R10 1/10 190mm Electric Touring Car kit 2012/04/12
ARC Advanced R/C Car , bring you an all new 1/10 Electric 190mm Touring Car "R10" , it is focus on high level competition ,and we use all kind best material that can find in market to build R10. There are several new features on R10 ....