Lars Hoppe back to ARC 1/8th Class
After two years with Team Shepherd in 1/8th On-Road Racing Class, The German frontrunner Lars Hoppe return back to ARC.
The current German National cCampion, Worlds Championship A main driver and multiple ENS race podium finisher will use the latest ARC R8.2 as well the electric R11 in his 2019 campaign that includes the ENS and ETS series, as also some more international and national races.
Lars has the following to say:
At first I want to thank team Shepherd for the great two years and wish them all the best.
I am very happy to rejoin ARC in 1/8th Class, and race now again electric and nitro for this great company I want to thank TiTAN R/C for the great opportunity and I am happy to work again very close together.
For the 2019 nitro season I will participate the Euro Nitro Series, The German Championship, local and international races. I am looking forward to work with this great team!
Lars Hoppe