New Australia Distributor-1/10 Electric Touring Car
We are extremely excited to annouce, that effective immediately, Smokem Racing will be Australia's sole importer and distributor of ARC's range of electric touring cars and parts.
Furthermore the brand new ARC R11 2019 chassis are now in stock at Smokem. You can contact Smokem via the following:
ARC R11 2019 2018/10/18
It is great pleasure to announce the ARC R11 2019 edition is ready now,Many complete new parts designed for the R11 2019 to improve the quality and performance.......
ARC R8S 2018/8/16
The ARC R8S 1/8th scale electric power pan car is the latest category in the 1/8th On-Road Class. The R8S uses current 1/8th scale foam tires and body shell with 2 packs of 2S Li-Po battery with the top speed to be over 120km/h.......
Jonathan Gandin Joins ARC 2018/06/26
ARC is pleased to announce 15-year old Italian Jonathan Gandin to join our factory team.
Gandin says, "After a few years driving the ARC R8.0 and R8.1, I have decided to join the ARC factory team and very happy to sign a 2 years contract. ARC represents one of the top brands in R/C and I will do my best to perform and make maximum race result as good as I can.......
ARC R8S 1/8th Electric Power Stock Class Pan Car 2018/6/19
The new ARC 1/8th electric power pan car is the latest category in the 1/8 On-Road class. It uses the same body shell and tires like the existing 1/8th On-Road chassis platform. This new and innovate design makes R8S to be able to use different Li-Po batteries on the market. Drivers can chose 2S stick style packs, or 2S shorty style packs.......
ARC R8.1 2018 2018/01/15
New R8.1 2018 front bulkhead features adjustable belt tension. Fine tuning of the belt tension between the front bulkhead and middle shaft base allows maximum transmission smoothness.......
ARC R8.1E 2017/12/29
New ARC R8.1E electric on-road racing car were based on the successful R8.0E platform with some new features......